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Give an Experience to Pennabilli: our “Gift Idea” and the “Platino Experience”.

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Ristorante Piastrino

Our will is to delight you with proposals that reflect the culture and resources offered by the territory, without renouncing to surprise you with pleasant details, while keeping the true flavors unchanged.

Riccardo and Claudia

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Chef Riccardo Agostini

Riccardo Agostini, born in Pesaro in 1971, after a brief experience in the kitchens of the Romagna Riviera moves inland to the Taverna Righi in San Marino, led by chef Luigi Sartini, a pupil of Gualtiero Marchesi.

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Pennabilli e le camere diffuse

Pennabilli is kept in the center of a majestic natural amphitheater in the Alta Valmarecchia at 630m above sea level, overlooking the Marecchia river. There are numerous green oases, including that of the Begni Park which cradles the Piatino, many walks and excursions even through the streets of the town. Among the alleys it is possible to discover numerous points of interest, the “Places of Tonino Guerra”, witnesses of his life and his artistic genius. In this setting we have decided to offer you the possibility of staying overnight in the village, or just outside, in carefully selected structures just a few minutes away from the restaurant. By doing so you will have the opportunity to enjoy our gastronomic proposal in complete tranquility, combining it, why not, even with a discovery of our territory so important to us.

For more information call 0541 928106 or write to info@piastrino.it

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